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All annual sweet peas are scented but some are more fragrant than others.  Your sense of smell, the time of day you pick a bloom and a whole load of other factors will affect the fragrance from a sweet pea flower (or your perception of it) - you can read more about that in my blog post 'The Most Fragrant Sweet Peas'.  Over time, the consensus has been that these sweet pea varieties have are the most heavily scented sweet peas.  Their names really give away that every single stem will fill the air with a deliciously sweet, fresh fragrance.
High Scent Sweet Pea Flowers
Coming Sep 2024
'High Scent' Sweet Pea Seeds Lathyrus odoratus Elevate your garden experience with the enchanting 'High Scent' sweet peas, which are renowned for being the most fragrant sweet peas ever. These soft cream-colored blooms, delicately edged...
More Scent Sweet Pea Flowers Growing on the Vine More Scent Sweet Pea Flowers Growing on the Vine
Coming Sep 2024
'More Scent' Sweet Pea Seeds Lathyrus odoratus You must grow this for the wonderful scent!  An winner if you want a  fragrant delight growing in your garden.  A very pretty mauve on a cream background.   ...
Heaven Scent Sweet Pea Flowers
Coming Sep 2024
Sweet Pea 'Heaven Scent' Lathyrus odoratus **Limited Supply: only one pack per customer please**   'Castlewellan' is similar to 'Heaven Scent'   'Heaven Scent' sweet pea is well, 'heavenly scented'! Tipping the scales in both...
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