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It's no secret that my all-time favorite flowers are sweet peas. There are literally hundreds (and maybe even thousands!) of different sweet pea varieties offering flowers in a huge spectrum of colors and shades. And while I couldn't pick a single favorite sweet pea variety, I have lately become fascinated with the color changing sweet peas or 'shifters'.

These 'shifters' are sweet peas that have been specifically bred to morph from one color to another as the flower petals age. Sweet peas have about 5 or more flowers to a stem and they open from the bottom up so the color changes up the stem and make a spectacular display bearing different colored blooms at the same time. Both of these varieties were bred by Keith Hammett, a leading professional breeder of sweet peas and other ornamental plants.

'Blue Shift' Sweet Pea Seeds Lathyrus odoratus Experience the enchantment of 'Blue Shift' Sweet Pea, a captivating and novel variety that dazzles with its mesmerizing color-shifting blooms. These extraordinary flowers transition from delicate pinks and...
Blue Vein Sweet Pea Flowers Blue Vein Sweet Pea Flowers
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Sweet Pea 'Blue Vein' Lathyrus odoratus Introducing the captivating "Blue Vein" Sweet Pea – a botanical wonder that begins its journey with a lovely shade of coral and then develops fascinating blue-purple veining on the...
'Turquoise' Sweet Pea Seeds Lathyrus odoratus  A breathtaking sweet pea that you will love. 'Turquoise' is highly unusual because the flowers starts out a lovely mauve color and then morph to a stunning turquoise as the...
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